Can You, Will You

Our Ocean’s are being saturated with Plastic, one piece at a time. The Sea Angels are out on the frontline actively removing Plastic from the Ocean Floor and the Surface. Every little bit helps but we need more people in the water and on our boats to really make a difference. Do you have it in you to be a Sea Angel?
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Getting Involved

Join the Sea Angels

Dive with us

Come and get wet with us, get involved in making the seas a cleaner and more fun place to dive for future generations. We simply could not do it without you. Bring your staff on a team building experience, or come solo – together we can make a difference.

Make a Donation

No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference. It costs around £200 to put a diver in the water for one day to collect plastic and assist trapped sea animals. Even a £5 donation is enough to educate a poorer community at the source of the plastic waste.

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What we do

Our Services

Rescuing Animals

Once introduced to the horror of a turtle trapped in a piece of single-use plastic, you quickly see where the Sea Angels team fits in. #NoExcuseForSingleUse

Cleaning the Seas

The start point of our mission is to clean the seas, and this is not just one piece at a time. We are involved with several projects that will target larger affected areas too.

Releasing sea animals

Some sea animals need care before being released into their natural habitat. We work with our partners to ensure that every animal we encounter gets safely home.

sponsored dives

Get your company involved. We have a network of divers that need support both in and above the water. We can accommodate any number of Sea Angels. Help if you can.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We can no longer stand on the sidelines and let the seas suffer. The time has come to say: ‘No More’. The thought leaders and motivators of the Sea Angels network are waiting to support your ocean cleanup cause. Our mission simply put, is to put an army of saviours both in and out of the water to clean it for future generations.

Get Involved

If you are looking for an exciting volunteering role that utilises your professional skills, taps into your passion and delivers a lasting impact for both your local community and across the globe, then we have the perfect opportunities for you! Send us your CV to showcase your skillset, with the hours you can spare and we will find the perfect place for you to help.

Upcoming Events

Please stand by for updated events. If you have an event you’d like us to attend, please let us know.

Sept 24 - Dive Bali

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Sept 25 - Dive Isle of WIght

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